inspire1.jpg a student driven effort to grow character and learn within the four UNESCO Pillars of Learning:Learning to Know; Learning to Be; Learning to Do and Learning to Live Together. This group of seventh and eighth graders are those who signed on to the UNESCO option class at Glendale School. Together they make up what is referred to as 'YAG'... the Youth Advisory Group. This group mirrors the Youth Advisory Group that reports to the Canadian Commission to UNESCO and acts as our school youth advisory group reporting to an elected membership of student leaders from grade 7 and 8. They also include members at large; two kids from every class grades 1-6. By making volunteer efforts and creating projects that benefit the school and enhance our learning environment, YAG and the elected students council exemplify the ideals of UNESCO as they relate to learning at our school.


Our inspired directions- Respect; Understanding; Relationships; Responsibility... HOPE






Our Projects:

Peace Keepers

In keeping with the Canadian tradition of maintaining peace as UN soldiers around the world, we have our own corps of 5th to 8th grade Glendale "Peace Keepers."
Peace Keepers are grouped in teams of 6; three pairs patrolling in three areas: the northwest playground; the southwest hill area and the length of the east side of the school. They are trained to:
  • Notice- Be mindful as they look and listen to what's going on within their patrol zone
  • Focus- Ask themselves, "what's really going on here..?"
  • Mull- Think of possible interventions
  • Engage- Intervene to help solve the problem, OR in the case where harm or danger is evident, one partner gets a supervisor asap while the other stays with the problem to continue "Noticing"


TNT stands for "Totally Nutritious Things," and picks up on the old TNT of Glendale past when it stood for "Treats n' Things." We operate our concession out of the north kitchen and sell smoothies, but we have plans to expand to other food items like salads and sandwiches. Our motto is... SNACKS WITH EXPLOSIVE ENERGY!


YIMBY Reads is a student led effort whereby they collect donated books to be organized and cataloged, then donated to kids, teachers, families or agencies. There are so many books out there, yet kids all over our community don't have books at home to read, so we are helping solve that problem. YIMBY stands for "yes in my backyard," meaning we are taking responsibility for helping promote literacy and reading through this project.

Projects we're working on:

Pen Pals

We would like to partnered with other ASP Net schools around the world to write letters back and forth, or video conference between our students and theirs. Our goal is to learn about other cultures in different parts of Canada and the world by writing letters back and forth. We hope to plan collaborative learning project in keeping with the UNESCO learning pillars.

Get Active

Teams of middle school kids plan and supervise intramural activities for younger kids.

Healthy, Active Schools

A committee of students representing each grade will work on plans to promote healthy active living at Glendale.

Environmental Wardens

A group of students will work on an environmental stewardship plan to display care and concern for our physical environment. Early ideas include a possible outdoor garden project and Earth Boxes for inside the school. BIG plans include a partnership with Kerry Wood Nature Center... more to come on that one:)

Grand Council

Two students representing each class from grades 1 to 8 will sit on our UNESCO Grand Council and help inform our school on importnat issues to students.